A BDE needs to plan his account call schedule. Because he always visits the same accounts in the same order, he decides to organize his accounts into routes so that he can efficiently schedule all account calls.

Route Planning enables a BDE to create routes to schedule regular calls to groups of accounts. By defining a route, a user can plan the order in which to visit accounts and then determine a starting time for each account call. By arranging a group of accounts into an efficient route, users can minimize the amount of time spent traveling between accounts. After a route has been created, it can be used repeatedly to schedule future account calls.

In the event of a new joinee who is not conversant with practices of route planning, this task in the system can be administered by the designate manager of the new joinee & assigned to him till such time the new joinee gets comfortable with practices of route planning from within the system.

Benefits of Route Planning : A BDE who plans his route in advance can usually get more business completed per day versus one who randomly drives to the various retailer points. A BDE can also save on fuel expenses, as well as prevent further wear and tear on his vehicle.

  • Route Tour Planning
  • Joint Work Planning
  • Route Plan Approval
  • Planning vis-a-vis Meetings, Campaigns, Conferences & allied activities.