Leave management for the employees is one of the tough task for the authorities when it is a growing company. It is difficult as when one or more employee of the same team or department goes on leave. Leave Management Module helps designate authorities  manage leave programs efficiently ensuring that the leaves are  managed  effectively and the same are accurately tracked. Many organizations are burdened by the tasks associated with complex leave management policies, including the completion and submission of leave application forms; approval/denial forms and other record keeping monitoring union and deferral mandates.

Key Benefits :

  • To keep a clear picture of leaves allotted.
  • Proper application for leave to senior management.
  • User defined approval schedule for easier & faster leave approvals.
  • Helps the management to keep track of employee holiday.
  • Information for better Decision making.
  • Reduces the paper work and physical movement.
  • Companies can establish and enforce the rules for all of their leave policies, and build workflows into the system so that the person responsible for the request is making the request. Routing and approvals can also be customized based on a company’s unique business processes. Most importantly, time off information will be consolidated for analysis, reporting, and financial planning.