It is always a matter of serious concern to calculate the total month expense submitted by a BDE. In order to make the BDE expenses transparent, the system has a feature of field expense management. Travel Allowance (TA) & Dearness Allowance (DA) are calculated by the software & monthly expense auto generated thus providing a complete expense management solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Automatic Generation of Monthly Expenses
  • Standard Fare Chart & Tour Program
  • Miscellaneous Daily Expenses accounting
  • For the control of Expense the system has approval management system
  • Ensures Lesser paperwork & complete accountability

Other Monthly Expenses Like Photos, Telephone, Courier or Postage charges, stationary charges, hotel charges and many more can be selected or and other expense can be added at the time of Monthly Expense generation. You can easily access all the details of the expenses and can easily make out whether your company’s BDE’s are submitting any inflated bills or trying to make untoward claims.

The expense control module has been developed after understanding the requirements of various industries which incur huge extra expenses because of such mismanagement & remittances of inflated bills. So, with the help of expense control module a company can improve the system and make the employees more truthful & ensure savings for the company.